Entry #7

Back 2 School

2013-08-15 14:17:31 by Cynical-Charlotte

"Vacation" is nearly over, and I have already started the readings for the semester courses - that means more time on the computer and less time away from home. It also means I need to get my literary brain back into shape! However, I may not be on this site as much as I was in the spring. One of my classes will be utilizing a more sophisticated discussion board centered around topics requiring an accompanying lecture. But even with all other college goings-on, I'll have enough time for independent study (TED!).


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2013-08-15 19:33:42

good luck D:

Cynical-Charlotte responds:

Thank you, I will need it!


2013-08-15 22:02:19

Summer oooooh summer...


2013-08-26 16:34:39

What's your major?

Cynical-Charlotte responds:

Cultural Anthropology! I study the various communities of the world, plus much of their unique history, traditions, and characteristics. It's extremely rewarding because it includes many other fields which I also have interest in such as literature, the humanities, and also archeology and biology. :-)