Stop Making Criminals Famous!

2013-04-19 18:43:04 by Cynical-Charlotte

I don't care what their life was like, I don't care how they behaved in school, I don't sympathize with them - so stop forcing this irrelevant information down my throat! They committed a heinous crime. Analyze the crime, publicize the victims, and help law enforcement. When you make mass killers celebrities, you give people ideas.


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2013-04-19 19:04:28

i generally agree but...

>implying you are forced to watch "irrelevant" information from the media
>implying the general populace isn't more interested in the perpetrators then victims
>implying anyone sympathizes with them

Cynical-Charlotte responds:

1. When people watch the news, they have no say in the information given.
2. The reason the population is more interested in the criminals is due to #1.
3. Copycat criminals sympathize with them.


2013-04-19 19:12:57

You said it, and I would give them the finger, but I live in Louisiana.

Cynical-Charlotte responds:

Give them the verbal finger!


2013-04-19 19:46:17

1.) But what I mean is you don't HAVE to watch mainstream news. also
>not realizing people have a say on digital social networks
2. I don't think so. Unless you're implying that the general populace is "sheep" and is interested in whatever is fed to them. I guess that's fair but- generally, people are drawn to drama and controversy. Unfortunately in situations like this it's the driving factor what makes people yearn for more information in any kind of criminal case.
3. I guess you got me there...but that's still a small minority

Cynical-Charlotte responds:

Personally, I feel that it is the media's responsibility to consider the ramifications of constantly publicizing criminals. It should not be the viewer's job to avoid these topics because, as you said, people are naturally drawn to drama and controversy.

Releasing information is fine (and necessary), but I would rather the criminal's life be merely mentioned and not have segments devoted to interviewing family members, friends, and coworkers.


2013-04-19 21:17:45

Yep, you hit the nail on the head there.

Its so stupid how the media holds them up almost as some sort of anti-hero.


2013-04-20 00:45:00

Isn't interviewing the perpetrator's peers, family, co-workers and teachers pertinent for analyzing their psychology though? Otherwise yeah, shame on the media for sensationalizing these events and spreading uniformed information/gossip for the sake of attracting more viewers. I agree(d) that the media has to be more mindful in how they present their information.

Cynical-Charlotte responds:

Sure, but I personally don't see it as a news station's job to interview family etc. for the sake of the investigation. Law enforcement and other entities should be enough - although I do see the benefit of having articles about the pepetrator's background. I think those sorts of segments are more fit for journalists and newspapers.


2013-04-20 12:28:41

Well, media needs shits to feed on, don't they?

Cynical-Charlotte responds:

It's all about the money and ratings!


2013-04-21 09:43:47

Unfortunately, I kinda agree with S3C (2nd comment). Serial killers and mass murderers don't have to watch news media to copycat. There are far many more other media available, such as Internet resources, library and movie. In fact I doubt many of them like to watch media, because killers are usually narcissist.


2013-04-25 16:49:20

The real question is, what's criminal? Everything's relate, laws are fabricated based on a mixture of moral and functional, what's right, what's wrong, where does the universe end, what's after that, why do people watch the news if they don't like what it has to offer, who how and when!