Entry #1


2013-02-03 21:51:00 by Cynical-Charlotte

In honor of my blazing indifference to the Super Bowl, I now accept the responsibility of divulging my narcissism into a blog post. Thanks to Silverdust for showing me this site and encouraging me to make an account - albeit forced!

My name is Dana, but most know me as Charlotte or "CC". I am currently a sophomore enrolled at Hamilton College and aspiring for a degree in Anthropology (additionally, a minor in Communications). Ideally, I will be working in the broadcasting world after graduation. This goal has come about chiefly because of my passion for reading, writing, and talking about global issues - politics/diplomacy especially! Many of my closest friends have surely detuned their ears to my voice when I digress on the subject.

In the time that I have to myself - AKA, the little time miraculously scavenged from my schedule - I read my books in the grass, go swimming, and write for leisure in my dorm or the library. Oh, I often get enticed into playing Playstation games with my roommates Ashley and Meg. I prefer to think of myself as an introvert in most ways, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy being around people! However, I absolutely despise parties. I refuse to toy with alcohol poisoning whilst half-naked in a room of horny, immature boys. The largest "party" I would consider being a part of would have to be less than 6 or 7 people (being familiar with most of them). Alcohol is not akin to witchcraft, but I have resolved that consuming enough to experience more than a buzz is irresponsible and dangerous. The same goes for recreational drugs. Despite my often-called "extremism", by no stretch of the imagination do I judge people. I always attempt to approach things scientifically - I will only label someone if the subject adequately fits the description.

Well, that's all I should probably rant about for now! I may add more later on.

~ CC


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