Back 2 School

2013-08-15 14:17:31 by Cynical-Charlotte

"Vacation" is nearly over, and I have already started the readings for the semester courses - that means more time on the computer and less time away from home. It also means I need to get my literary brain back into shape! However, I may not be on this site as much as I was in the spring. One of my classes will be utilizing a more sophisticated discussion board centered around topics requiring an accompanying lecture. But even with all other college goings-on, I'll have enough time for independent study (TED!).

I don't care what their life was like, I don't care how they behaved in school, I don't sympathize with them - so stop forcing this irrelevant information down my throat! They committed a heinous crime. Analyze the crime, publicize the victims, and help law enforcement. When you make mass killers celebrities, you give people ideas.

An idea given to me by one of my roommates, I am now currently working on a series to be posted on my blog site with new episodes once a week, with luck! It's going to be based in a dystopic future - without the zombies. If you are interested, I'll try to remember to post the link here. Still have much work to do on it.

A new song!

2013-03-12 19:56:32 by Cynical-Charlotte

I've just completed a month-long project - a classical song entitled "Nemesis." Check it out above!

Also, here's a recent song by Lindsey Stirling, my favorite violinist. Enjoy!

Autobots Visit Russia

2013-02-15 19:44:48 by Cynical-Charlotte

Now who forgot to send a Valentine's Day card to Cybertron?


2013-02-03 21:51:00 by Cynical-Charlotte

In honor of my blazing indifference to the Super Bowl, I now accept the responsibility of divulging my narcissism into a blog post. Thanks to Silverdust for showing me this site and encouraging me to make an account - albeit forced!

My name is Dana, but most know me as Charlotte or "CC". I am currently a sophomore enrolled at Hamilton College and aspiring for a degree in Anthropology (additionally, a minor in Communications). Ideally, I will be working in the broadcasting world after graduation. This goal has come about chiefly because of my passion for reading, writing, and talking about global issues - politics/diplomacy especially! Many of my closest friends have surely detuned their ears to my voice when I digress on the subject.

In the time that I have to myself - AKA, the little time miraculously scavenged from my schedule - I read my books in the grass, go swimming, and write for leisure in my dorm or the library. Oh, I often get enticed into playing Playstation games with my roommates Ashley and Meg. I prefer to think of myself as an introvert in most ways, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy being around people! However, I absolutely despise parties. I refuse to toy with alcohol poisoning whilst half-naked in a room of horny, immature boys. The largest "party" I would consider being a part of would have to be less than 6 or 7 people (being familiar with most of them). Alcohol is not akin to witchcraft, but I have resolved that consuming enough to experience more than a buzz is irresponsible and dangerous. The same goes for recreational drugs. Despite my often-called "extremism", by no stretch of the imagination do I judge people. I always attempt to approach things scientifically - I will only label someone if the subject adequately fits the description.

Well, that's all I should probably rant about for now! I may add more later on.

~ CC