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Web Series in Development

2013-03-27 17:21:21 by Cynical-Charlotte

An idea given to me by one of my roommates, I am now currently working on a series to be posted on my blog site with new episodes once a week, with luck! It's going to be based in a dystopic future - without the zombies. If you are interested, I'll try to remember to post the link here. Still have much work to do on it.


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2013-04-02 21:57:01

In what sense will it be dystopic?

Like, 1984 dystopic?

Cynical-Charlotte responds:

Post-apocalyptic, but I'm not sure about the time frame or exact disaster which caused this new world. I think after I create the world structure, it will be both familiar and unique to readers! It's funny, because every time I get to working on this, I realize how much MORE work needs to be done for the setting and plot to be as engaging as possible.

A very simplistic description would be: 25-50 years after a global disaster (or multiple).

I want the same dark atmosphere present in zombie films without the zombies. Not because I dislike zombies - I just feel like it's way overdone =(


2013-04-10 01:24:52

a few questions, will this be a film? animation? or what? Also, how long will it be.


Cynical-Charlotte responds:

I'm writing it as a screenplay, but I'm not completely sure if I know enough people to be able to actually shoot it. So, it might just be a comic or something along those lines until this summer when more of my friends will be free to try out an amateur project!